Explanation of mistakes in the use of insecticides

For friends of the people, insecticides are essential pesticide products. Many people use them immediately when they see insects; some farmers use them in advance to avoid pests in the future. But do you know that there are mistakes in the use of pesticides. If you don't pay attention, the pests will not die, and the crops will also suffer. Now let's introduce the misunderstanding of using insecticides.

1. Kill and finish killing insects: every time you kill insects, you will kill them completely. In fact, there is no need to kill them completely. As long as the general insecticides can make the parasites lose their fecundity and damage the plants. All insecticides are more or less toxic to plants at the same time, too much pursuit of killing, killing will often cause pesticide damage.

2. Kill as long as you see the insect: after inspection, it is found that the number of insects is large and will have a harmful impact on the plant.

3. Superstition on specific drugs: in fact, the more effective the drug is, the more harmful it is to plants. The choice of insecticides is as long as it can eliminate the harm of insects to plants.

4. Abuse of insecticides: the drug is not suitable for the case, and it is often found that the drug is ineffective and has lost more than half of it

5. Only pay attention to the adults, ignore the eggs: only pay attention to kill the adults, ignore the eggs, and do not do a good job when the eggs hatch in large numbers

6. Long term use of single insecticide: long term use of single insecticide will make the insect resistant to insecticides. Several insecticides can be used alternately

7. Increase the dosage at will: if you do not use the medicine according to the instructions, it will increase the resistance of the insect, and it is easy to cause drug damage

8. Check immediately after killing: many pesticides will die and fall off after 2-3 days, and the exact effect will not be seen until 3 days

9. Pay no attention to water consumption and spraying time: different water consumption has a great impact on the effect of insecticides, especially in high temperature and drought seasons. At the same time, the effect is often determined by the application time, especially for the pests that come out in the evening.


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