Developing green agriculture to promote pesticide transformation

With the development of pesticide industry, the development of agriculture has been promoted, but the use of pesticides has brought certain harm to the environment. Therefore, the government advocates the development of green agriculture to drive the transformation of pesticides.

The "No.1 Document" of the central government proposed to continue to implement subsidies for key technologies of agricultural disaster prevention, mitigation, stable yield and yield increase, support the development of specialized unified control of crop diseases and insect pests, and start the pilot program of low toxicity and low residue pesticide use. The industry believes that the "No.1 Document" will not only promote the transformation and upgrading of the pesticide industry, especially the development and use of low toxicity and low residue pesticides, but also bring a "green revolution" to the industry.

Plant protection disaster prevention and mitigation is not only related to the quantity and safety of agricultural products, but also closely related to the quality of agricultural products. It has become an urgent requirement to promote green prevention and control technology, reduce the risk of pesticide use, reduce pesticide residues and promote green consumption.

Yuan Huizhu, a researcher at the Institute of plant protection of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that the contents of this year's "No.1 Document" of the Central Committee on plant protection reflect China's future direction of plant protection and meet the requirements of modern plant protection concept and ecological civilization construction. Yu Xinrong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of agriculture, pointed out in his speech at the National High Level Forum on prevention and control of major crop diseases and insect pests that the development of modern agriculture requires us to accelerate the transformation from traditional plant protection to modern plant protection. The "No.1 Document" mentions to start the pilot project of low toxicity and low residue pesticide use subsidy, which is an expectation of "scientific plant protection, public plant protection and green plant protection", and also plays a guiding role in the development of low toxicity and low residue pesticides in the pesticide industry.

Cao Chengyu, Deputy Secretary General of China Pesticide Industry Association, believes that the prevention and control of crop diseases and insect pests is a link with high intensity, labor force and high technical requirements in the process of agricultural production, especially the application technology content of low toxicity and low residue pesticides is higher. The pilot project of using low toxicity and low residue pesticides is launched this time, on the one hand, it can encourage farmers and large growers to use low toxicity and low residue pesticides; on the other hand, it can encourage farmers and large growers to use low toxicity and low residue pesticides It also encourages enterprises to develop more pesticides with low toxicity and low residue. In fact, enterprises should not only pay attention to the effective ingredients, but also pay attention to the additives and dosage forms when developing low toxicity and low residue pesticides. At present, high toxic pesticides only account for 3% of the total market share. However, organic solvents used in some products are harmful to the environment and will be eliminated in the future.

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