What is the development and future of fungicides

With the adjustment of national policy and the change of agricultural planting structure, the development of pesticide fungicide industry is facing multiple challenges. At the same time, new pesticide fungicides have become the hot spot of enterprise market development.

From the market point of view, pesticide fungicide industry has made rapid development in recent years. The market share is expanding year by year, among which triazole pesticide fungicides increase rapidly. In the field of preparation, Jinggangmycin, carbendazim, copper sulfate, Triadimefon, Dasen, chlorothalonil, prochloraz and other old varieties have become a large amount of pesticide varieties and registered hot spots due to their good compatibility, and will still maintain a stable market share in the future.

However, many problems such as overcapacity, low industrial concentration, fierce homogeneous competition, lack of independent innovation ability, low level of technology and equipment, and small scale of enterprises are gradually emerging. In terms of product registration, compared with the research and development of new active ingredients, the proportion of compound preparations has gradually increased and become a hot spot due to its advantages of reducing pesticide dosage, enhancing efficacy, expanding bactericidal spectrum, delaying resistance occurrence, prolonging product market life, and solving diseases that cannot be controlled by single agent.

From the perspective of demand, the planting proportion of vegetables and fruits has gradually increased, and the market demand for pesticide fungicides continues to rise. However, in recent years, there are also some problems in pest control, such as sheath blight, rice blast and other epidemic diseases are increasingly rampant, rice false smut, wheat yellow dwarf disease and other secondary diseases are on the rise, frequent diseases of economic crops are increasingly serious, and new diseases are constantly emerging, which bring great challenges to the application of pesticide fungicides. At the same time, there are also residues caused by abuse in a large number of applications There are many problems, such as exceeding the standard, frequent occurrence of pesticide damage, prominent resistance and so on. The national "12th Five Year" development plan clearly points out that we should actively develop new pesticides, fungicides and virus inhibitors for fruit trees and vegetables, as well as pesticides and fungicides for greenhouse, urban greening, flowers, courtyard crops and other cash crops, and put industrial restructuring and product innovation in the same position.

From the perspective of application progress, agricultural pesticide fungicides are developing from field crops to cash crops, from above ground application to underground application, from single fight to unified control, and the whole process of crop solutions leads the development direction of pesticide fungicide Market. At the same time, some products such as propiconazole and Difenoconazole compound pesticide fungicides can not only prevent disease, but also regulate the growth of crops.

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