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Wuqiao Pesticides Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2001, and complete in research & development, production, and sales, Wuqiao Pesticides Co., Ltd. is a chemical manufacturer on the cutting edge of technologies. 

Our pesticide product range includes intermediates, active ingredients, and formulations. We boast a professional talent team and advanced R&D capabilities. In 2016, we established the subsidiary Wuwei Lianshuo Biotechnolofy Co., Ltd, a company with an annual production exceeding 100,000 tons. Later, we went even further and reorganized Tangshan Ruihua Biotechnology Co., Ltd., to accommodate an expanding market. 

With the development of nearly 20 years, we have registered various products in different countries around the world. We provide high-quality plant protection products and related services to our global customers. We treat it as our mission and responsibility to earn the satisfaction of our clients, and we sincerely invite your collaborations for a better shared future. 

Wuqiao Pesticides — Research,Production and Sales

Our enterprise ensures agricultural production safety, agricultural product quality and ecological environment safety, establishes scientific plant protection concepts.


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