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JIANGSU SNK BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD., founded in 2021, is located in the high-tech industry base in Suzhou, is one specialized is engaged in the pesticides products and intermediates, the import and export of relevant chemical products and raw materials sales company, in Hebei Cangzhou, Wuwei Gansu province, has two sents of fine chemical industry, ecological agriculture product research and development, productin and sales in the integration of manufacturing base, They are WUQIAO PESTICIDES CO., LTD. And WUWEI LIANSHUO BIOTECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Since its establishments, the company’s business has covered southeast Asia, Europe, America, Africa and other countries, and to provide global customers with high-quality plant protection products and related application technology services. Our company regards quality as life world, take the road of mutual benefit and win-win, and create a brilliant and beautiful tomorrow together!

Address: Room No. 1502 Heng Ye Zhan Qian Plaze Zhongshan Nan Road,Wujiang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China.

Wuqiao Pesticides — Research,Production and Sales

Our enterprise ensures agricultural production safety, agricultural product quality and ecological environment safety, establishes scientific plant protection concepts.


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